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my prom dress came today! i put it on and it fits perfectly. and it makes me look like im really skinny with big boobies, so its my best friend. i want to marry it. now i just have to wait for my boots to come, and ill be sexilicious.

and my 'early easter present' from mommy came today. lol. its a digital scale. so i can be even more obsessive about my weight. i guess mommys like, "hm, well, i want kristen to gain weight, but she lost weight, aaaand...shes going to keep losing weight, sooo...if i cant stop her, why not help her?!" silly mommy. oo, and 104.8 pounds, bitch. now im going to have to weigh myself 67565465 times a day. w00t.

aw, and samuel called me this morning to tell me he loves me. i <3 it when he does that. :p then he hung up, and called back like a minute later to wish me a happy one year and two month anniversary. lol. i cant wait until he comes over tomorrow. lots of sex. but no butt sex, sorry samuel. *smooch* i love you.

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