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hey, remember how i was really happy all last week? and remember how i said it was going to end and i was going to feel like shit? aaand...then remember how i felt like shit all weekend, and i thought that maybe it would go away once i went back to school? yeah. didnt happen. today was shitty. i was so tired, and my stomach hurts from the huge binge i had last night. and i feel so fat and gross and dirty because of the four pounds i gained this weekend.

i had trouble paying attention in all of my classes. i was pretty ok during photo and english. and i wasnt in a horrible mood in spanish. but...bleh. lunch was fun though. me, cici and emily drew on petes pants. and pete drew me a story on my hand. it made me happy. and some weird guy came over and started talking to us. he was pretty much making fun of us because hes one of the cool people, but whatever.

and in gym, they made us go outside. and it was negative a bajillion degrees out. and...hmf. im really hungry, but i feel like, if i eat, my tummy will just hurt more. i cant believe i ate all that last night. and i cant believe it still hurts.

then i had my dumb SAT class. which just automatically puts me in a bad mood. and i didnt eat all of michelles junk food. i ate one skittle, a couple pretzles and a few grapes.

and blah. i hate everything right now. everything is mean to me.

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